Brexit - how it affects you

Posted 24th Jun 2016 HartCAB

While the Hart area in this corner of North East Hampshire may have voted to remain, the UK has voted to leave the EU. It’s likely that some laws will change – but not immediately. More information on the central

Making money less of an alien concept for young children

Posted 17th Jun 2015 HartCAB

Citizens Advice Hart have launched a free educational resource aimed at 5-7 year olds (Key Stage 1) called “Martian Marty’s Money Mission”. After a successful pilot in the school, the first to take it up is Cranford Park Primary, Yateley,

Settled and safe in Hart

Posted 4th Mar 2016 HartCAB

Locally, during the year 2014-15, housing was the fifth largest problem which people came to see Citizens Advice Hart about, responsible for almost 1 in 10 of the total of 8526 problems people came to see us about. And

"If I were Health Minister for the day..."

Posted 13th Mar 2016 HartCAB

Healthwatch Hampshire is the local consumer champion for health and social care – and during the week 14th-20th March 2016, it receives a spotlight, promoting its work, and seeking feedback from the public about local services. To coincide with the

Settled and Safe: a local case study

Posted 27th May 2016 HartCAB

Angela and Howard are a married couple, with a young daughter at primary school.  For the purposes of this case study, we have changed their names, but the rest of the facts remain true.  We have published the details with

Dealing with complex situations: a local case study

Posted 12th May 2016 HartCAB

Nathan is 40, and lives near Fleet.  For the purposes of this case study, we have changed his name, but the remainder of the facts remain true.  We have published the details with his full permission. He was arrested following

A Little Advice

Posted 9th Jun 2016 HartCAB

At our recent open day, we unveiled an exhibition inspired by the street art of Slinkachu.  Entitled ‘A Little Advice’, it aimed to use miniature figures more usually seen on train sets to articulate the kinds of social issues and

Experiencing the service

Posted 3rd Aug 2016 HartCAB

We were recently joined by two work experience students for a week.  We gave over the blog to them to interview each other about their expectations and experiences of what we do. Stupendous Social Service with Sophie by Mark Sophie

Change a life: One step at a time

Posted 30th Sep 2016 HartCAB

A major volunteer recruitment campaign has been launched by Citizens Advice Hart, using postcards, posters and social media banners which not only feature locations throughout this corner of North East Hampshire but make use of miniature figures in a series

Hate Crime Awareness

Posted 20th Oct 2017 HartCAB

What are hate incidents and hate crimes? The Association of Chief Police Officers definition of a hate incident is: Any incident, which may or may not constitute a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person,