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Working for Citizens Advice Hart

We have completed our current recruitment but expect to be recruiting for further roles in the near future – please check back soon.

Why our staff work with us

“Throughout my working life I have worked in the charity sector as I wanted my work to be meaningful and make a difference. For me it was a logical next step to use my management skills within Citizens Advice and work with volunteers and staff to support local communities.”

“I joined Hart Citizens Advice in early 2018, initially as a volunteer before applying for a paid role. I volunteered as I wanted to contribute to the local community. I also thought it would be a useful experience for me personally and might even provide a first step back into paid work.”

“I decided to look for a job that would satisfy my desire to do something worthwhile. I found that role at Citizens Advice, helping people make their claim for Universal Credit.”

“Citizens Advice has provided a new and interesting challenge, offering a variety of activities requiring research and interaction with colleagues, third parties and clients. I am also acquiring new skills utilising the comprehensive range of training resources available.”