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Projects & Services

Advice First Aid Project

Providing Citizens Advice Hart training to frontline workers in other local partner organisations to become Advice First Aiders.

This free face-to-face training will give individuals and groups the skills to triage for advice, deliver initial guidance and refer to Citizens Advice when needed.

Home & Well

Home and Well is a unique collaboration of organisations working together to support residents of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to return home as quickly and as efficiently as possible after a hospital stay and, importantly, ensure they have a comfortable home environment that will help them continue to recover rather than relapsing. The Home and Well adviser works with clients with extra needs due to ill health, age, low income or young children.

Outreach Project

Citizens Advice Hart are aware that not everyone can travel to Fleet to get help.

We are therefore offering to give talks to any local groups followed up by individual confidential sessions to anyone who is not able to travel to Fleet.


Hampshire Macmillan Citizens Advice Service delivers a consistent, targeted, and holistic service for people affected by cancer who are resident in or treated in Hampshire. This includes Southampton, Portsmouth, and the Isle of Wight.

Our caseworkers are based in local Citizens Advice locations across the area. They harness their expertise and community networks to deliver high-quality casework and advice services.

Solicitors Services

Citizens Advice Hart is working with Neale Turk (Fleet) to improve access to legal services for all, regardless of social background or wealth.

Neale Turk LLP offers bi-weekly appointments booked through Citizens Advice Hart for our clients. As well as face-to-face, they provide email and telephone advice. This reduces the overall cost to the client.

If you are a local organisation and have clients who would benefit from these services, please contact any of the above projects to discuss a referral