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Energy price rises hit homes

Energy price rises hit homes

People are starting to receive notices from their energy suppliers outlining how much more they will pay. Some are being told of a projected rise in their annual bill of well over £1,000. In April, a new cap means that a typical domestic energy bill will rise by about £700 a year, to around £2,000. We’re seeing more people visit our online help pages this year than at any other time during the pandemic, with particular interest in guides on help in paying energy bills.

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How will the price cap affect my payments in 2022?

With the energy price cap rising, customers are wondering if they should change tariffs. The best way to find a new supplier is through a price comparison site and households may also be able to find a cheaper deal by calling suppliers directly. All suppliers that offer a default tariff have to cap it in line with Ofgem’s rules but they’re not required to actively market these deals which can make them difficult to find. If your energy supplier goes bust, our Gillian Cooper said, “If you’re a customer of a failed supplier, Ofgem will move you onto a different one. This can take a few weeks, but your gas and electricity supply will continue in the meantime.”

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