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Consumer Awareness Campaign 2024 – Buying a Used Car


Brake. Check. Buy.

Our latest Consumer Awareness campaign focuses on supporting consumers as they purchase second hand cars.

In 2023 our Consumer Service helpline saw almost 30,000 used car complaints from consumers, showcasing the need for consumer support and advice around this topic.

The advice shared throughout this campaign will ensure consumers feel supported and emboldened when shopping within the used car market, as we look to arm consumers with the knowledge to purchase a car safely, from trustworthy sellers and traders.
When looking to purchase a second hand car , think Brake. Check. Buy.
Brake. Make sure the seller is trustworthy, whether buying from a trader or an individual seller.
Check. Check the car’s history. There are free tools online which can help you do this.
Buy. Choose the best payment method for your circumstances, and never buy a car without the log book.
Watch out for stories and information in local and national mainstream media and social networks, providing advice and tips to assist you get the best experience in buying a second hand car.
At CA Hart and across the CA network, we’ll do our best to alert, inform and offer people help if needed. For more details on how to safely buy a second hand car , click the link below :
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