Specialist Debt Advice

Our specialist debt advisor is an approved intermediary and happy to assist with a variety of aspects relating to possible debt solutions. As a specialist advisor, he maintains an up to date knowledge of legislation, case law, codes of practice, policy statements and statutory guidance, relating to all areas of money advice.
Each client’s situation is individually assessed and options are provided relevant to their own personal circumstances. There are multiple things that our approved intermediary could possibly help with, from income maximisation, assisting in challenging and setting aside county court judgments and orders, identifying appropriate defences to and strategies for dealing with, mortgage and rent possession action to taking a client right through to debt relief orders and other insolvency options.
In some circumstances our specialist adviser is able to advocate on behalf of a client, either by personal or written representation in court.
With a vast amount of skills, experience and knowledge our specialist adviser will provide support and information during what can be incredibly stressful times.

Advice, Information and Support

Within Citizens Advice Hart along with having specialists in benefits, debt and employment we have in excess of 30 volunteers trained to provide advice, information and support. Staff and volunteers can cover a variety of issues, including: welfare benefits money and

Specialist Employment Caseworker

Our highly experienced specialist employment caseworker is able to provide support and assistance with a vast range of employment issues ranging from providing client with advise and information about their rights in Employment Law and options for enforcing them to

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