Smart Meter Roll-Out

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Smart Meter Roll-Out

All households in England, Scotland and Wales are to be offered a smart meter by the end of 2020, but taking one is not obligatory.

A smart meter system sends meter readings directly to the supplier to give accurate bills. There will not be a separate installation charge to the consumer if a smart meter is installed, they are paid for in the same way as the current meters are (through charges made by the energy supplier).

Each supplier will roll-out smart meters in stages, when consumers are offered a smart meter will depend on a number of factors.

It is up to consumers whether they choose to have a smart meter installed when offered one.

Information about getting a smart meter can be found at

Additional information can be found at

Smart Energy is the ‘voice’ of the roll-out and independent of both government and suppliers. It is there to provide information to the public about what smart meters are and how they work.

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