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The Citizen’s Advice Bureau, I have come to realise, is invaluable.
I am currently a college student, studying hard for my A-levels. I came across the CAB for extra volunteering as part of my CV and I keep coming back!
Even within my short time here, I have enjoyed observing the incredible work and advice given by all volunteers; from how every case is dealt with meticulously and accurately, to the respect and care given to each client. This is achieved to the highest standard, with each case, through both face to face, email or telephone meetings.
While taking part in the office based side of things, I have spent time in seeing and understanding cases myself, due to volunteers’ guidance. My knowledge and comprehension of problems, processes and procedure grows every time, with each day being unique. Nothing fails to intrigue me.
Every volunteer is genuinely lovely and with always the best interest; as well as, most importantly, being extremely skilled, confidential and experienced in their fields; no challenge is too big! I am forever in awe.
Everyone needs help at times and knowing this service is available for anyone and everyone is truly extraordinary; I think being a part of this service can make the biggest difference to every individual’s life.


I retired early after a career in Human Resources and felt that I needed to continue to learn new things, and to maintain my people skills, but without the humdrum of commercial life. I’ve always enjoyed helping people, and Citizen’s Advice seemed the perfect solution! I made enquiries and was accepted to train as an adviser. After training in all advice areas and the comprehensive reference system that underpins all the advice we give, I have now been advising for around six years and love every minute of it. I work one regular day per week and the Tuesday team are just great people to work with, we do work as a team and share knowledge and experience all the time. You never know who will come through the door next or what problem they will present, that is the challenge, but to watch vulnerable clients leave with their problem sorted and a smile on their face is totally rewarding. We sometimes get cakes sent in as a thank you too! I have learned so much about consumer matters, debt and family and relationship problems and many other areas of our clients’ everyday lives. We really make a difference at Citizens Advice. Come and join us!


Being an adviser, and starting from a position of knowing nothing about most of the topics covered, after 10 years I feel I have the skills and knowledge to empower people who come to us for help. Citizens Advice training is excellent and can also be tough. There’s no place for guesswork. Whether it’s debt, benefits, relationships, or any of the subject matter we deal with, I am confident we can always move people to the next stage. Sometimes this means taking action on their behalf, and occasionally it means referring them to a specialist. Citizens Advice is never ‘stumped’ for an answer – if we don’t know, we will find a way of the ‘client’ getting the answer. Every day is different. There is no routine, no ‘standard’ client or ‘standard’ issue, and that is both challenging and rewarding – we all like problem solving.

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